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Ayung Reflections


Overlooking the Ayung river on my room balcony, another improvisation in-between scooter photo trips & other usual holiday activities – rather rough 1st or 2nd takes, this one is a F# major pentatonic (all the black notes) with a subtle asian feel :). With live recorded natural sound and some superimposed shots on my GoPro helmet cam from various photo bike tours around Bali, used for other projects too.

Technically – the Micron is playing only the pad sound, while the A4 is being midi triggered individually across its 4 sequence tracks. The sounds were quickly prepared before the take from init tones and adjusted ocassionally during the take…

Recorded: Ayung Resort nr Ubud in Bali, Indonesia
Editing: Final Cut
Music, performance, video editing and bike riding by Gary P Hayes
© GaryPHayes 2013

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