TUTORIAL 18 #AnalogFourMk2 vs #Behringer2600 & PERFORMANCE “Eventual Eternity” #Elektron #Behringer

Live Modular PATCHING FOR PERFORMANCE Tutorial Talk & Impro – Fractal & LFO Sequencing, Pams Bloom

AMBIENT ICELAND Modular #Eurorack Impro Live Jam & Aerial Drone #FXAidXL #DistingEX #TwinWaves

HOMAGE to 1970s Tangerine Dream. Sunday AM LIVE – Tutorial & Performance – Eurorack Neutron ModelD

AIR BURN Modular Sunday LIVE PATCH TALK & PERFORMANCE MicroFreak Eurorack Hikari Analog Sequencer II

MODULAR CHORD STRUCTURE & THEME ‘Orion Z’ ~ Eurorack Retro Trip & Tutorial -Text on right screen

‘ANALOG FOUR mk2 & EURORACK ‘Birthday Live Jam’ – CV TUTORIAL 0:00 PERFORMANCE 1:05:00 July 18

MODULAR LIVE ‘Dreamworld’ Sunday Morn JAM 30 May 2021 Modular, Techno Ambient Experimental Melodic

MODULAR LIVE ‘The Eclipsed Side of the Moon’ 29 MAY – – Journey into Modular Chill

Tutorial 12 ANALOG FOUR mk2 ‘8 Step Challenge’ and pLock sLock Conditionals. Track from Scratch

MODULAR EPIC AMBIENT ‘Lady of the Mountains’ & Patch Talk-through #modular #guitar #epic

MODULAR LIVE ‘Flight of Fancy’ 1) Talkthrough 2) Patch 3) Performance 16 May 9.30 AEST #ambient

MODULAR LIVE ‘May the 4th Be With You’ Journey into Modular Ambience

TEARS FOR YOUTH: Ambient Chill Jam and Talk-through #Eurorack #MicroFreak #VolcaDrum #Pluck #Modular

MODULAR LIVE 28 Mar 9.30am AEDT, Sat 27 Mar 10.30pm GMT eurorack & Freak

MODULAR BERLIN RATCHET Retro Music Jam. Tutorial demo. low end modular & MicroFreak Behringer 960

ANALOG FOUR mk2 TUTORIAL 11 – WORKFLOW Electronica Track from Scratch – Berlin & Paris School

MAGMA: A #Hydrasynth Tutorial & Performance. Tutorial then 5:40 Performance. Cinematic Ambient Impro

THE AMBIENT DIGITAKT – Chillout TUTORIAL Track from Scratch impro festive elektron Synth on Sampler

GET BUSY LIVING: Real Time Music Tech Jam Analog Four mk2 MinilogueXD ModelD Hydrasynth Volca Kick

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