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FALLING DOWN: Nu:Tekt NTS-1 x2, Volca Bass, Volca Drum, Mix. Dawless Jam Impro. Blue Mountains

Just a quick test jam really, audio: the Volca bass is being fed into through the right NTS-1 and the vDrum, and two NTS1s are then sent to the Volca Mix. Sync master is the drum looped to the NTS1s and then vBass. Continuous Jam / Impro on 2 Korg Nu:Tekt #NTS-1 and Volca Drum & Volca Bass recorded direct to Zoom H6 via Volca Mix no post processing Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes at Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia FOLLOW ME: Bandcamp Album Releases – Support me on Patreon – Blog (music posts) – Facebook (Photography – 19k following) –… Twitter (26k following) – Instagram (Photography 28k following) –….

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