Zoom ARQ #AR48 … Is it a toy? Is it Bad Music Tech? VISITATIONS: First test Jam…

Noticed this was in a blowout sale and for 25% of the original price couldn’t resist … although aimed at EDM type music, I think there is real potential in ambient or more chillout beat music, this jam is literally an hour or so after taking it out of the box … there are some nice hidden features, mostly around odd time signatures and the fact you can have 16 tracks of a 3 oscillator poly synth (a few sounds here are created quickly on my first opening) … might be nice to throw in my camera bag on hikes too … also the ring has some nice features with built in accelerometer too, and very surprised at the aftertouch included on this ‘toy’… Dawless jam / impro on Zoom ARQ #AR-48 Audio & Video recorded on a #ZoomQ2N4k no other processing Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia

TUTORIAL Creative Poly Aftertouch Pt.1 on ASM #HYDRASYNTH 10 Adventures in Sound Design

Video to help people understand some creative potential of poly aftertouch 0:00 Intro to Poly Aftertouch 6:38 Patch No 1 – Back to Basics pAT Filter 12:51 Patch No 2 – Oceanic Morph pAT Wavescans 20:13 Patch No 3 – Desert Strings pAT Mutants, Reverb 28:10 Patch No 4 – Alien Speak pAT LFO speeds 38:01 Patch No 5 – Take A … pAT Arp Ratchet & Chance 45:46 Patch No 6 – Galactic Brass pAT Mixer 54:57 Patch No 7 – Frozen Forest pAT Mutant & Osc Volumes 1:02:50 Patch No 8 – Placebo Caves pAT LFO amounts 1:12:18 Patch No 9 – Fallen Skies pAT ARP Gates & filters 1:18:51 Patch No 10 – Time Begins pAT Pitch, Filters, Mutants, Waves The Young Persons Guide to Polyphonic Aftertouch Programming 10 Beginner Adventures using ASM #Hydrasynth & CME Xkey37

RELAXED MAX: Ambient Hydrasynth Jam Impro Loop. Mad Max III Thunderdome Location in Blue Mountains

Outdoor Dawless impro on ASM #Hydrasynth Desktop Played using a CME #XKey37 PolyAftertouch with Jamman Solo XT doing 4 x 5 min loops approx. (meaning I play one continuous part for about 5 mins, then layer another part on top of that in real time once that loops and so on) at Mermaids Cave Blackheath Blue Mountains Australia Location used in the film Mad Max II or III Thunderdome, the lost children tribe section – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fR1D… Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes Audio & video on #ZoomQ2N4k by Gary P Hayes Some notes on my outdoor performance pieces: MASTER: I usually record the master take and close up shot before anything else (to get that in the bag so to speak) – here just a line out of the SoloXT into the Zoom Q2N4K which is capturing the audio (48k 24bit) and also feeding my Shure In-Ear headphones – usually I take my Beyer DT750s. This is done in one continuous 4K take, so I could potentially crop in later on a HD timeline. B ROLL: Whether it is drone footage or here, static angles, they are done after the event and of course I ‘pretend’ to be playing and layer that in over the master take – later on any edit I can just hide those video tracks in seconds if I wanted to get a complete master take shot. Using a tripod I just let the camera record, setup an angle then walk back to the rig and play for 20s or so then reposition and repeat. Same with walking shots, POV shots are just on walkins or walkouts. Drone shots I usually have the controller close to the instruments so gives the impression I am playing, easy to spot it on full screen! HIKING: The most I have hiked in to a place with gear is about 1.5 hours, and I usually take my normal camera gear (I am a landscape photographer) and fill my pack with other music gear. Most hikes tend to be 15-30 mins and I sometimes take a small stand with me if I know ‘natural’ tables will be tricky OR for smaller hikes just take for convenience. But I prefer to find or know there will be natural places to place gear, 90% of the time. POWER: All my outdoor jams are powered by bigger 10-20Ah powerbanks, same ones people use for their phones, but I use RipCords (from myvolts) which convert the 5V USB to 9 or 12V which most music tech needs.

HYDRA FOUR KICKS: Ambient Techno Impro #Hydrasynth #AnalogFour2 #VolcaKick

Literally added the Hydrasynth to my mix a couple of days ago and just getting under its surface (have done a few patches from scratch) but here I am using a few presets from a new bank called RaSunGod – the Analog Four & Volca Kick of course are all custom patches. I am waiting on a PolyAfterTouch keybed for the Hydrasynth as well as a larger channelAfterTouch keyboard – but the CME Xkey37 for the Hydra is primarily for remote impros – love the idea of fully expressive portable kit outside in nature, already planning several ambient locations. Dawless jam / improvisation on #ASM #Hydrasynth #Elektron #AnalogFour #Korg #VolcaKick recorded on a #ZoomQ2N4k no other processing Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia

THE ENIGMA OF FLIGHT: Improvisation on #MinilogueXD #VolcaDrum Modular #NTS1 #ArturiaKeystep #SQ1

A first test recording using the Minilogue with my what has now become, my Korg rack – and also filming in 4K using the Q2n4K then editing that on a HD timeline – for better clarity? The important thing is the sound is fed into the same 4K recorder vs my usual post sync’ing, H6 and GoPro’s NOTE: The battery pack supplying NTS1 – left, dies around 23 mins and as that has the Volca Drum going through it, hence the last 10 minutes without an oscillator and drums (I should have just put another battery pack in and chopped it, but hey, only a test), The NTS1s don’t need a lot and I normally get 10 hours or so from a 5k or so powerpack… Performance based dawless Jam / Impro on Korg #MinilogueXD#VolcaDrum#VolcaModular Korg 3x #NTS-1 2x #SQ1#KO2 & Arturia #Keystep Recorded & filmed on Zoom #Q2n4K Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia. Raw aerial footage of Iceland © Gary P HayesSHOW LESS

Live Stream – SEQUENTIAL SUNDAY. On Minilogue XD, Analog Four mk2 & Volca Modular

SEQUENTIAL SUNDAY. On Minilogue XD, Analog Four mk2 & Volca Modular Elektron Analog Four mk2, Korg Minilogue XD, Volca Modular and KO2 “There is no God, no universe, no human race, no earthly life, no heaven, no hell. It is all a dream – a grotesque and foolish dream. Nothing exists but you. And you are but a thought – a vagrant thought, a useless thought, a homeless thought, wandering forlorn among the empty eternities!”. Mark Twain In four parts – From a mostly initialized state, beginning with dreamy chords and melody the four sequences (in a Berlin style of Tangerine Dream, Nils Frahm and a little bit of Jean Michel Jarre) will emerge and develop in poly metric layers and two in poly rhythm, until a short breakdown into chaos and then a triumphant, fugal conclusion – approx 45 mins

Live Stream – FRIDAY FLOW TIME – ambient improvisation. XD, Model:Cycles, Volca Drum, KO2

FRIDAY FLOW TIME – live stream, ambient improvisation. XD, Model:Cycles, Volca Drum, KO2 on Korg Minilogue XD, Elektron Model:Cycles & Volca Drum + KO2 Beginning in a void, the piece develops into an urban dystopia and then industrial breakdown. Ends with a short melodic release. Approx 1 hour The Model:Cycles has 6 tracks (midi 1-6) using ‘chance’ once recorded roughly in order, Crash, Low Drum, Bells, Bass, Solo, Chordal … The polyphonic XD on Midi 7, is in Aftertouch mode and features the two analog oscillators and on the digital multi, the ‘drone’ osc by Tim Shoebridge … The Volca Drum has 6 channels of FX sounds, run through an NTS-1 for effects and KO2 here used for solos …

WALKING ON AIR: Live Model:Cycles Volca Drum impro with the Highliners at Mount Victoria, Blue Mtns

Ambient Chill Out-Dawless jam / improvisation – thanks for the invite from Arthur and the visiting Slackliners to Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains Australia so I could play along on the overhang, during their morning ‘walks’ Drone shots filmed afterwards by Gary P Hayes, hence being non sync of course, and the slackliners for being participant spotters. Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes on Elektron Model:Cycles – Korg Volca Drum & Koass 2 recorded on #ZoomH6 no other processing

ONLY TIME WILL TELL: Ambient Space Jam. 3 NTS-1 ModelD Volca Modular & Drum SQ1 Keystep

Dawless jam / impro on 3 #NTS-1 #SQ1 #Volca Drum #Modular #ModelD #ArturiaKeystep recorded on a #ZoomH6 no other processing Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia 0:00 Intro: Setting up Drones on NTS1 1 (generative feel) and 2 (bass drone) 1:44 Intro: Solo settings on Behringer Model D 2:36 Intro: More drone settings on bass drone NTS1 2 4:32 Lonely Orbit 9:15 Time Running Out 11:20 Set the Controls 14:38 Skyfall 2149 19:37 Dilation of Memory 27:00 Descent through the Rainbow Clouds 29:38 Doors into another World 33:23 Low Flight Recon 35:30 Surfing with the Dolphindroids 40:10 Nostalgium 43:16 Testing the Time Machine 47:59 Guidance Unclear 49:30 A Void Lost 51:10 Time Will Tell FOLLOW ME: Bandcamp Album Releases – https://garyphayes.bandcamp.com/ Support me on Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/garyphayes Blog (music posts) – https://www.garyphayes.com/ Facebook (Photography – 19k following) – https://www.facebook.com/garyphayesphotography Twitter (26k following) – https://twitter.com/GaryPHayes Instagram (Photography 28k following) – https://www.instagram.com/garyphayes.photography

TIME & SPATIAL: Adventures in Polyrhythm & Polymeter Dawless Jam on SE02 Volca Modular & Kick NTS-1s

0:00 Intro Tutorial – basics of Polyrhythm and Polymeter plus intro to instruments 9:56 Cross Pulsed 14:50 Intersteller Dreamtime 19:57 Orange Rain 22:28 Spacial Momentum 26:55 Inter Line 28:30 Clocks of Imagination 31:08 Cross Winds of the Tropics 33:12 Calling Home Tutorial Intro then performance based dawless Jam / Impro on Roland #SE02 Korg #VolcaKick #VolcaModular Two #NTS-1 & #SQ1 plus #KO2 – recorded on a #ZoomH6 Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia FOLLOW ME: Bandcamp Album Releases – https://garyphayes.bandcamp.com/ Support me on Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/garyphayes Blog (music posts) – https://www.garyphayes.com/ Facebook (Photography – 19k following) – https://www.facebook.com/garyphayesph… Twitter (26k following) – https://twitter.com/GaryPHayes Instagram (Photography 28k following) – https://www.instagram.com/garyphayes….