RIP HAL 9000: Analog Synth Impro Stories. Behringer Model D, SE02, Elektron Analog 4, Keysteps

Composed and performed © Gary P Hayes on
Behringer Model D Roland SE02 Esp Ltd 8 String Guitar
Elektron Analog 4 & Digitakt Volca Keys Bass Beats
Korg Kaoss Pro Waldorf Streichfett and Arturia Keysteps

In memory of Douglas Rain 1928-2018 the voice of HAL in
2001: A Space Odyssey that inspired a generation of sci-fi creators

Right camera GoPro4 Black – Left camera Kaiser Baas X250 – both running HD 30fps

Ubud – Live Jam in Bali

Third of 8 video and recorded impros in Ubud, Bali – inspired by the gentle surrounds of Ubud in Bali – Recorded 30 Dec 2017 on Elektron Analog 4 & Digitakt, Waldorf Streichfett and Arturia Keystep Controller Composed by Gary P Hayes © 2018

“FAREWELL PLANET ONE” classical guitar and piano impro

“FAREWELL PLANET ONE” a classical guitar & piano impro this morning – with only one, hardly noticeable bum note!

A track from my music album this year, ‘Garden of Stone’, a mix of ‘outside the box’ analog synth setup, melancholic guitar, chilled electronica, harp, Akai EWI electronic wind instrument and other acoustic elements such as piano and clarinet.

Improvisational odes to a dying world, naturally and socially, reflective, it’s been good well it lasted folks… longer versions of some of the tracks at –

Oh and a misplaced hammer will do that to your left hand fingernail – a few more weeks to fully replace itself 🙂