A magical #Eurorack Improv FLORA AURORA #Modular #BlackHoleDSP2 #FXAidXL #DistingEX #Hikari

FLORA AURORA A Eurorack Modular Improvisation © Gary P Hayes feat: Erica Synths DSP2, Happy Nerding FX Aid XL, Expert Sleepers Disting EX Plus Alpha, Hikari Sequencer II, Intellijel Steppy, Doepfer Mini Synths, QuNexus & Klavis Twin Waves Basic Patch Notes 1 Hikari sequence being probability reset by Steppy to create multi length sequence out of 8 steps – the CV from this feeds MiniSynth 2 (which also has noise mixed into ext input) and Disting EX (on a xylophone multisample) 2 A doepfer random sample hold (fed by a top left variable clock) feeds note CV to TwinWaves Osc2, through WASP 3 QuNexus plays MiniSynth 1 live, but has a Steppy (3 step loop) on gate also variable. 4 An O&C Euclydian Circle triggers the PicoDrum2 snare sound 5 All audio is routed through the 138s stereo mixers, then out in stereo to the BlackHole DSP2 as delay (which has modulation on the Crush CV) and then in stereo out to FX Aid XL, big reverb (which has reverb type modulation) Captured vision and sound on Zoom Q2n4k

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