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Welcome to a slim but central part of the Gary P Hayes web universe. It is primarily being used to house a growing range of rich media (podcasts, original music, videos, papers etc) in the cloud but will also serve as a central place to link out to the many sites Gary has created or is administering. Here are a few below to get you started:

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GaryPHayes’ original music

Some (currently 190 or so tracks) of Gary’s original music is published free through iTunes, click on the icon above if you have iTunes to subscribe now! or raw feed here. The music is a rare hybrid of melodic progressive trance, celtic & world music and cinematic electronica. His versatility lies in his being able to exhibit the sensitivity in combining music of different cultures required for a wide range of film genre and being able to utilise both full orchestral scoring through arrangement and production to cutting edge electronic music realisation and sound design.

Gary became interested in music at an early age and was playing guitar and clarinet by the age of 9.  He was already composing piano pieces by the age 11 and was playing & writing in several signed bands through to early twenties. He gained a BA in music & physics at Manchester University. After University Gary founded Audio Images his own music and multimedia production company as one of the first in the UK to use computers and sample equipment and began creating commercial music for TV, Radio and Advertising. He also co-produced and worked with renowned Manchester bands during this period. He composed many library albums and had works regularly played on BBC TV and National Radio, scores for documentaries and drama, including stage work.

Gary also began teaching Music and Multimedia Production at Central Manchester College for two years before moving to the London based Guildhall School and finally lecturing at the famous BRIT School for four years working with artists. At the BRIT school he mentored emerging young artists in the studio such as Imogen Heap & Lynden David Hall and developed new forms of interactive on and offline performance pieces. Gary also organised, performed and composed for contemporary music festivals in London in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Music.

He then went to work at the BBC for eight years as a key new media Senior Development Producer but continued scoring and writing music for film, TV and interactive including several at the BBC . He has a continued interest in the participatory potential for music creation in a web 2.0 world and as well as specialising in progressive trance and film now he lectures in music for games, generative composition and future music tech.

Gary Hayes is:

  • CCO of MUVEDesign Alternate, augmented reality and virtual world developer
  • Founding Director of Global Multi Platform Storytelling development initiative StoryLabs
  • AdAge Power150 Media & Marketing Blogger with PersonalizeMedia covering media forms
  • Lecturer & designer of vocational and post graduate courses in Networked Media & Multi Platform Content at AFTRS and MetroScreen
  • Progressive trance, song and film composer currently at but most now here
  • Founder and director for 5 years of the recent Laboratory for Advanced Media Production LAMP@AFTRS LAMP
  • Currently writing a book “Networked Media Design: Transmedia Production” published late 2010
  • Photographer featured in many books – recently book – Focus on Australia & very popular flickr account

LAMP 2005-10 was an initiative to invigorate the Australian media industry and nurture people and projects across multi-platform, social networks, virtual worlds, games, mobile and mixed reality. It has a range of blogs and its own Wikipedia cited wiki.

MUVEDesign create virtual world presences, design alternate reality games and augmented reality apps and Gary is responsible for major brand deployments such as Telstra BigPond, ABC, Tourism Victoria, Deakin University and other educational spaces such as AFTRS and Thursday’s Fictions. Previously head of virtual worlds at The Project Factory from 06-08 MUVED also develop Mixed Reality Formats especially TV and Virtual Hybrid experiences.

Gary was previously Senior Development Producer & Manager at BBC New Media from 1995-04 creating many of the interactive and advanced TV firsts as well as specialising in personal and participatory TV. Now EP of Product Development at ABC TV Multiplatform.

Selection of recent online press and other sites linking to Gary’s main blogs


Selection of wikipedia and wiki cited blog based articles (up to April 07). E.g.:

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Hello, Gary.
This is Gahee from Korea. I’m working for KISA, which is Korea Internet & Security Agency.

I would like to ask you something about formatting and your paper ; how to write a transmedia production bible.

Please contact me as soon as possible!

Gahee Kim
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