ANALOG 4 TUTORIAL 6 – Creating big pads, drum machines, bass, seqs & leads on 4 tracks Big 90s Soul

Continuous Live Dawless Jam / Impro from initial state – Analog 4 mkii Tutorial 6 – Making Full Tracks in one Analog Four! Track 1 – Drum Machine Track 2 – Four voice chordal pad Track 3 – Bass & seq Track 4 – Solos In a 1990s style – on Elektron #AnalogFour Mk2. Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes in Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia recorded via overbridge to Logic Pro X edited in FCPx Chapters 0:20 Sound locking Drums onto track 1 0:56 Parameter locking hats and shakers 2:32 Setting up a full four note chord on track 2 4:53 Playing Cm7 chords in and pLocking two to create EbM7 and AbM7 6.43 Playing a bass in on track 3 then sound designing it 8:10 Adding a higher choppy note on same bass track 3 9:39 Playing a solo using track 4 11.14 Using arpeggios to improve solos 12:19 Fine tuning and some more pLocking to take the piece in other directions 14:18 Using LFO to create rhythm on track 2 pad The Elektron Analog Four mk1 or 2 are often seen as a four voice sequencer, to do some nice basslines or high sequencer parts – a sort of filler instrument. So I did this tutorial to show how firstly each of the four tracks can be much more. We have a drum machine of 7 sounds on one, a full chord of 4 notes on another, a bass plus a choppy sequencer on another and although i use the fourth for a solo part, it could be a whole host of things … The tutorial as usual also shows production flow, how to build a piece, in real time with very little pause. OK I did a few things slower to show the process, but in reality once you get something going on the A4 you can keep going indefinitely, taking the piece across genres and soundscapes – this one did end up going into dark ambient territory from its, shiny 90s dance feel start, but for another tutorial! Enjoy and SUBSCRIBE!

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