Analog Four mk2 fed through Nu:Tekt NTS-1, AMAZING fx unit. BLACK STAR SAFARI: 1 hr jam #quarantune

A totally battery powered piece (meant to go into nature and do this jam this morning, but rain and cold and wind put an end to that), so imagined I was outside ūüôā … A piece utilising the very cool range of sounds from the Analog Four combined with the raw oscillators of the NTS-1 but more importantly its Reverb and Delay (and a little chorus). Three stackable effects, and all the effects you hear are from the little, cheap NTS-1 at the front there, the Riser Reverb particularly rivals Strymon’s Blue and Big Sky I think… also the piece is in four parts, see if you can spot them! Enjoy No Pause Dawless Jam / Impro on Korg Nu:Tekt #NTS-1 & Elektron Analog Four mk2 All effects are from the NTS-1 which the Analog Four audio is also routed through The A4 is master clock and also sends notes to the NTS-1 from Track 1 on midi 1 One hour continuous jam recorded direct to Zoom H6 no post processing Composed & Performed ¬© Gary P Hayes at Mount Victoria in the Blue Mountains Australia

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