ANALOG FOUR mk2 TUTORIAL 10 – Outdoor Ambient ‘VICTORIA FALLS’ 2nd of two movs Track from Scratch

The second of two semi-tutorial jams from this location, deep in a creek in my home town of Mount Victoria. Both pieces are totally unplanned and I just followed my nose, so to speak – the second ‘movement/piece’ is a little more appropriate for the scene IMHO although I would have probably gone full ambient in a 3rd piece, perhaps I will climb down there again soon! Outdoor Dawless Jam / Tutorial on #Elektron #AnalogFour mk2 at Victoria Falls Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains Australia – 2nd of two movements Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes – Audio & Video on #ZoomQ2N4k & GoPro 5 The audio goes from the stereo outs of the Analog Four into the Q2N4K (which has external input, but careful to keep the input level low or it can pop a lot! I actually monitor on headphones from the zoom Q2n4k to avoid distortion) … the ko2 is routed into the A4 external stereo inputs. The Analog Four is powered by two 5V to 12V RipCords from MyVolts into a current doubler also from MyVolts. The A4 needs about 2.5Amps at 12V hence the doubler as most powerbanks, I use two Anker Powercore 20100s here. I can actually get about 5 hours use from these, well I left it on once by accident for 5 hours and there was still probably a couple of hours left.

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