AT SEA IN THE DESERT OF LOST ANGELES: A Jam #ModelD #Kaoss #AnalogFour #Digitakt #HydraSynth #JV1080

On Elektron #Digitakt #AnalogFourMk2 Korg #Minilogue XD #VolcaKick #Kaoss Pro ASM #HydraSynth – Behringer #ModelD – Arturia #Keysteps Waldorf #Streichfett – Roland #JV1080 – CME #XKey37. AV captured on Zoom Q2N4K and GoPro5 Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia That newly custom made racking, newly connected studio feeling 🙂 Almost ready for some great jams … features: Vertical rack – All racking custom designed, screwed wood and glue and spray painted, specifically for this arrangement of gear and to be all within easy arms reach without stretching. Facing bot: Digitakt, HydraSynth Desktop, Analog Four Mk2 Facing top: Model:Cycles, Minilogue XD desktop, Model D Control: 2 XKey37 polyaftertouch, left dedicated to JV1080 pAT and right HydraSynth pAT Two black keysteps, multiple channels switchable to everything else with Digitakt as master sequencer (although Analog Four acts as it’s own sequencer)- far right Kaoss Pro and beyond that ARQ48 Left Rack: Volca Kick (acting oddly as master clock!), Streichfett and above JV1080 and mixer with FX send to delay Far Left: MicroFreak and BlueSky master verbs Various real instruments, harp, classical and elec guits, sax, clarinet and flute …

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