AT WAR WITH THE HARPMAKERS: Live jam on Salvi Harp, SE02, ModelD, Volca Kick, Digitakt, Micron

As usual a little rusty on the Harp but gave it a go anyhow (really need to put in my 30-60 mins a day to bring it back to where it was. Also literally just connected all this together after dismantling it for an evacuation just before XMas when the fires were getting very close – hence a few gaps where the new pieces (Analog Four mk2 and MicroFreak) will sit, when not mobile. So I have three mobile setups now and this more locked down Dawless setup – the mobile rigs are 1) Four Volcas and effects 2) MicroFreak, looper and effects 3) Analog Four mk2 SQ1 and Keystep, Volca Kick (borrowed from this setup) and 4-6, mostly single instruments like Modular and BlueSky etc: Continuous dawless jam / improvisation Composed Filmed & Performed © Gary P Hayes on #Salvi Julia Harp Yamaha Grand Concert #GC22S Guitar, Roland #SE02 Korg #VolcaKick Behringer #ModelD Alesis #Micron, Elektron #Digitakt Korg #KaossPro & #KP3 Delay on Behringer EM600 Arturia Keysteps Reverb on Strymon #BlueSky Recorded on #ZoomH6 in Gallery Studio Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia

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