BERGHOFERS LEGACY: Experimental dawless Jamuary jam impro on ASM HydyraSynth desktop version

Continuous live dawless jam / improvisation on ASM #Hydrasynth desktop version Performance notes: This patch started from an initial state about 2 mins before this recording started, a very simple arrangement – I am using the 3 oscillators on the Hydrasynth (HS) and each has a dedicated LFO attached to it. The LFOs are in tuned stepped mode, meaning I can choose the notes they play when it is sent to the osc’s pitch. I can also choose the number of steps from 1 to 64 (which I change here and there from 3 through 8 in this piece). Also I have another dedicated LFO assigned to some vibrato and the 5th LFO is being addressed through PolyAftertouch onto the filters cutoff. The other main thing in this performance is the mixer of course, where I bring each osc in and out, mutants and waveforms too are being changed throughout. Powered by a Romoss 18W powerbank… Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes at Berghofers Pass Blue Mountains Australia recorded on #ZoomQ2n4k no other processing

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