BOSS SY1 MUSICAL REVIEW 1st hour out of box. Most Sounds: Very cool low latency audio-to-synth pedal

A longish walk/talk through (sorry for the slight cold!) of this cool pedal, which in reality is a fully fledged 121 preset synth. Aimed at guitarists after a more ‘keyboard’ player vibe, it is very nice for anyone who adds acoustic/audio impros to their OTB synth setups – so my review is a little walkthrough with examples in my style, solo combined with some ad hoc tunes….

Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes on Roland #SE02 Behringer #ModelD Waldorf #Streichfett BOSS SY1 – Elektron #Digitakt & #Analog4#Volca Drums Korg #Kaossilator Pro Arturia #Keysteps Novation #BassStation2 Strymon #BlueSky Korg #Kaoss KP3 Roland #System1 & ESP #LTD 8 string guitar

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