SYNTHWAVE AMBIENT – ‘Parrots in the Snow’ Jam #Digitakt #Model:Cycles #Crave #BlueSky #Hydrasynth

MODULAR VOLCA HYDRASYNTH ‘A Terrestrial Revolution’ feat: 2HP Pluck QuNexus Volca Drum Doepfer

JOURNEY INTO SELF: Synthwave Expedition JAM. Studio Test Minilogue XD Digitakt Hydrasynth Crave

SIGNS OF LIFE: Synthwave Impro Jam digitakt crave xd hydrasynth jv1080 bluesky poly aftertouch

Sunday Morning Live ‘ROAD TRIP’ 7 FEB 9.30 #neutron crave xd #digitakt cycles jv1080 kaoss streich

MAGMA: A #Hydrasynth Tutorial & Performance. Tutorial then 5:40 Performance. Cinematic Ambient Impro

BERGHOFERS LEGACY: Experimental dawless Jamuary jam impro on ASM HydyraSynth desktop version

FANTASIA ON A T STRING : Xmas Jam 2020. Model:Cycles MinilogueXD HydraSynth Crave ModelD

SYNTHWAVE LIVE ‘Second Life’ 13 Dec 10.20am live #chill jam #analog4 #hydrasynth #crave #modelD

Schrödinger’s List: An entangled synthwave jam AnalogFour Crave Hydrasynth XD ModelD Cycles

Sunday Morning Live ‘CUT’ (some black outs fyi) Dec 6th 10.20am Sunday AEST – a live #chill orch jam

THE HYDROGIUM PROJECT: Berlin School Synthwave Jam on AnalogFour MinilogueXD ModelD VolcaKick Crave

A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE: 80min Analog Jam Analog4 ModelD MinilogueXD Crave Volca Kick

SEMBLANCE of GRAVITY: An Evolutionary Jam Analog Four Crave XD Volca Kick Hydrasynth JV1080

Sunday Morning Live ‘EMPATH AI’ Starts at 5 mins Nov 1st 70s style SynthWave Berlin Schooly type jam


GET BUSY LIVING: Real Time Music Tech Jam Analog Four mk2 MinilogueXD ModelD Hydrasynth Volca Kick

Berlin School Jam “WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF” Revisit. ModelD Analog4 Volca SE02 Streichfett

AT SEA IN THE DESERT OF LOST ANGELES: A Jam #ModelD #Kaoss #AnalogFour #Digitakt #HydraSynth #JV1080

THE ENIGMA LEDGE: Extreme Ambient Jam #EWI & #Hydrasynth. Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains, Australia

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