LIVE – just 3 VOLCAS through an MS70 effects … Impro & noodling from Scratch, morning dreamtime

WAVES OF MOBIUS Intersteller Improvisations of other Worlds, ModelD SE02 Digitakt VolcaKeys #archive

Throwback SOUL MINOR: Synthwave + Classic Guitar + Sax SE02 Digitakt ModelD BlueSky Kaoss

MODULAR VOLCA HYDRASYNTH ‘A Terrestrial Revolution’ feat: 2HP Pluck QuNexus Volca Drum Doepfer

MODULAR AMBIENT SEMI GENERATIVE ‘Negative Space’ Impro then Live Patch talkthrough. Doepfer TipTop

MODULAR LIVE ‘VRIL’ 9.30am AEDT, Sat 3.30pm PST MODULAR, Freak, Singing Bowl, Classic Guitar

MODULAR BERLIN RATCHET Retro Music Jam. Tutorial demo. low end modular & MicroFreak Behringer 960

MODULAR LIVE ‘Dreamtime Modular Landscape’ neutron, modelD, TipTopQZ, seq960, volca keys/modular

MODULAR SEQUENCING ‘Ikara Head 2001’ Tutorial & Impro TipTop Sequential960 MicroFreak Doepfer A118

MODULAR LIVE ‘Portal’ modular’ish – neutron microfreak modelD 182 172 a118-2v a156 volcas

THE SHORES OF UNITY: An Impro Techno’ish Journey modelD volca kick kaossko2 nts1 sq1

REISEFIEBER 2021: Jamuary2021 MicroFreak & Volca Modular & NTS1

GOODBYE YELLOW DRAGON: Jamuary2021 Chill on Elektron Digitakt Analog Four mk2 Arturia MicroFreak

EXORCISING 2020: Analog Ambient Mood Jam on Crave, Volca Keys & Modular, NTS1 x 3, SQ1 x 2, KO2

OFF THE SHOULDER OF ORION : Ambient Synthwave Jam Volca Modular ARQ48 NTS1 VolcaKeys SQ1 KO2

A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE: 80min Analog Jam Analog4 ModelD MinilogueXD Crave Volca Kick

ALL THOSE MOMENTS : Ambient Micro Synthwave Jam. Volca Modular / Keys ARQ48 NTS1

MESSAGE IN A MISSILE Part 2: MicroFreak NTS1 Volca Modular VolcaDrum 1

MESSAGE IN A MISSILE Part 1: Modular Style Jam. MicroFreak NTS1 Volca Modular Volca Drum

SUNDAY MORNING LIVE – a live #chill jam on Volca Modular/Drum 3 NTS-1 2 SQ1 HydraSynth

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