CONTAMINATION: Elektron Analog Four mk2. Out-Dawless Jam Impro Kew-Y-Ahn #quarantune #syntholation

A spiritual meeting place of the Gundungurra people who have lived in the area for 14 000 years, I wanted to do a piece in the area that both reflects the current virus situation (I like millions around the world, am in effective quarantine – allowed out to natural areas of course away from other people) and also the sense of ‘contamination’ of invaders moving across the landscape here from overseas into Australia back in the early 1800s. The off beat E note in the rhythm fights with the Cm chords in the opening, the natural major meeting the invading minor. This is a significant spot as some historians said it is where a big meeting took place between the indigenous people and the Europeans who had just traversed the Blue Mountains… and apparently Kew-Y-Ahn means roughly, ‘go back to where you come from’… Continuous improvisation from an initialised state Elektron Analog Four mk2 Outdoor Jam Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes Kew-Y-Ahn Rocks Hartley Blue Mountains Australia recorded on #ZoomH6 no other processing Filmed & Performed at Key-Y-Ahn granite Tor Drone video (filmed afterwards) by Gary P Hayes. FYI the A4 was powered by (many thanks to ) 1 x AA730M X2CC 12V Ripcord Current doubling Y cable AA730M 2 x AA928MS Ripcord DC 5V USB converter cable to 12V 0.75A C+ve 2.1×5.5×12.0 AA928MS and (available from many suppliers) 2 x Anker PowerCore 20100mAh 5V 2 Port USB External Battery Power Bank

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