DARK RIVER outdoor #Modular #Eurorack Improvisation #QuBitBloom #TwinWaves #Pluck #DistingEX #FXAid

Patched and performed on the banks of Coxs River near Glenroy historic site Hartley, Blue Mountains Australia. Latest Rack configuration – https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/1674371 PATCH NOTES Ch1 – Bloom ch1 7/8 pendulum sequence, CV/gate into micro synth A, Ch2 – Pams 4 clock to 2HP Arp random into 2HP pluck on infinite damp gated by Steppy B Ch3 – TwinWaves 1 via Doepfer multimode vcf and modulated by 2np LFO (itself modulated by Doepfer quad LFO), CV/gate from Bloom ch2, gate into PipSlope Ch4 – Double LFO modulated as ch3, into TwinWaves 2 via WASP filter, sustained note, producing digeridoo sound Ch5/6 – granular drone from DistingEX Ch 7 – upper MicroSynth playing bass on same CV/gate as Ch1 Ch 9 on Mixup – BD808 triggered by 7/8 beat from Steppy D Ch10 on Mixup – PicoDrum2 triggered by probability from Steppy C FX Aid 1 – on tempo delay from Pams 3 FX Aid 2 – Black Cloud reverb Pams clock for Bloom and Steppy

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