Eurorack Modular Impro SARAH CHIMERA #FXaidXL #DistingEXalpha #Steppy #2hpPluck

SARAH CHIMERA – A Eurorack Modular Improvisation © Gary P Hayes feat: Two Happy Nerding FX Aid XL, Expert Sleepers Disting EX Plus Alpha, Intellijel Steppy, Doepfer Mini Synths, 2HP Pluck, QuNexus, Klavis Twin Waves BD808, PicoDrum2 and 2HP Turing Machine Latest modular configuration here… PATCH NOTES QuNexus keyboard plays voice 1 in Disting EX Random into TipTop QTZ plays Doepfer Mini Synth 2 with evolving gate from Steppy A Random into TipTop QTZ plays bass notes on Klavis 2 through WASP 2HP Turing plays voice 2 (e piano) from Disting EX, gated from Steppy B 2HP Turing plays 2HP Pluck gated from Steppy C Drums BD808 and PicoDrum2 are gated from Euclydian Circles on O&C with evolving tempo Right 138s mixer fed through right FX Aid XL B (reverb) and LEFT 138s mixer fed through a first FX Aid XL A (delay) then to FXAidXL B.

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