EXCURSION NEBULA #Modular #Eurorack A Little Night Impro #QuBitBloom #Pluck #DistingEX #FXAidXL

A gentle, almost classical style dreamy improvisation. I faded in and out some of my recent Nebula shots (mostly Carina, Orion, Rosette, Rho clouds, Tarantula, Horse Head and of course Lagoon/Trifid) – they are composited so see if you can spot them! Using the two channels of Bloom to trigger the piano/string multisample on the DistingEX and on 2 to trigger the triplet pendulum sequence on the mid range Doepfer A111 microsynth. The QuNexus is playing two sources, a CV controls the other MicroSynth on infinite sustain and MIDI from it goes to the DistingEX, playing extra notes along with the Bloom. A white noise is sent into a modulated WASP filter. Latest Rack configuration – https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/1674371

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