FALLEN BLACK TREE: Outdoor jam on Elektron Analog Four mk2 – abridged, distorted EDM industrial acid

Dirty distorted Analog 4 mk2 – This actually started as a long ambient piece (similar to the end) but because of the heat, couldn’t really see the screen, ants starting to crawl over the A4 and last minute noticed levels were too high on the Zoom H6, I decided to just do a non-characteristic, 4 to the floor, industrial sounding, distorted acidy style jam. Normal service will be resumed next upload! Continuous Outdoor Dawless Jam / Improvisation on #Elektron #Analog4mk2 – no other processing Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes (end section of a longer 30 min piece abridged due to fire ants 35C heat and not able to actually see the screen!) Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia

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