GLORY DAYS: Techno Experimental Ambient House 80s/90s ish, Volca Drum/Bass ModelD NTS-1 SQ1 Jam

Dawless jam / impro on Three #NTS-1 Two #SQ1 #VolcaDrum #VolcaBass #ModelD recorded on a #ZoomQ2N4k Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes in Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia TECH DETAILS: All audio is fed through the 3 NTS1s in stereo. This goes out to a passive 5-1 stereo MickXer from MyVolts in the case then straight out to the Zoom Q2N4k as a single stereo mix. So all balancing done on the fly using my DT770 headphones. The Boog Audio goes through NTS1-1, the Volca Drum through NTS1-2 and Volca Bass through NTS1-3. And of course each NTS1 has it’s own mono synth used in this piece, so effectively 6 instruments active during busy periods. The two SQ1 sequencers are in dual mode meaning, the left one sends out 16 step (8 bounce) midi 1&2 to Boog and NTS1-1, while the right one sends midi 3&4 to NTS1-2/3 … There is a bit of normalising & EQ on the sound in Final Cut during the edit. Virtually no setup apart from tempo and tweaking a couple of sounds in the volca drum.

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