HYDRA FOUR KICKS: Ambient Techno Impro #Hydrasynth #AnalogFour2 #VolcaKick

Literally added the Hydrasynth to my mix a couple of days ago and just getting under its surface (have done a few patches from scratch) but here I am using a few presets from a new bank called RaSunGod – the Analog Four & Volca Kick of course are all custom patches. I am waiting on a PolyAfterTouch keybed for the Hydrasynth as well as a larger channelAfterTouch keyboard – but the CME Xkey37 for the Hydra is primarily for remote impros – love the idea of fully expressive portable kit outside in nature, already planning several ambient locations. Dawless jam / improvisation on #ASM #Hydrasynth #Elektron #AnalogFour #Korg #VolcaKick recorded on a #ZoomQ2N4k no other processing Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia

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