INNOCENSE: Cliff Edge Dreamy Eurorack Jam – melodic ambient doepfer a111-6 mini synth, pluck, drone

Just-before-recording patched outdoor modular dawless jam / impro – and yes it was pretty cold and windy hence the MacPac jacket and hood on! also – annoyingly it was accidentally captured in mono, all voices are balanced as in stereo, but in the rush to get going I didn’t put the mini stereo jack into the camera strongly enough (thank goodness it captured a balance though!) – pseudo stereo added in the Final Cut edit … using: Sounds: 2HP Pluck, A-111-6 Synth, Erica Pico Drum 2, Klavis Twin Waves, Behringer 110 Synth Utility: Doeper A138s Mixer, TipTop Quantizer, Horstronic Mult, Behringer 994 Mult, A-156 Quantiser, 2HP LFO, A-118-2 Random CV, A-140-1 ADSR, 4MS mult Filters: DIRT filter, A-124 VCF5 Wasp filter Sequencing: 2HP Turing machine, Behringer 182 Sequencer, Clocks/Gates: Intellijel 1U Steppy, Synthrotek M/DIV Clock Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes Mount Blackheath, Blue Mountains Australia Recorded on #ZoomQ2n4k ROUGH PATCH NOTES: The solo QuNexus keyboard is CV’ing the Klavis Osc1 (through the WASP filter) and gated by high probability gate track B of the steppy Top MiniSynth is being sequenced by a 7 step from the 182 with a probability gate from steppy Pluck is receiving same as top minisynth but with a different gate from steppy The string sound is Klavis osc2 with a very slow clock semi random from the Turing Machine The 2hp ARP is receiving a medium clock gate and sent to the bottom mini synth which is getting a probablity gate from another track on the steppy The 110 is LFO processing a white noise from one of the doepfer randoms and the erica picodrum2 is receiving the last steppy probability gate track.

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