JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE PULSE: Techno House Jam, NTS-1, Volcas, ModelD, MicroFreak, SQ1, KO2

Continuous Dawless Techno House Jam / Improvisation on 2x Korg Nu:Tekt #NTS-1 & 2x Korg #SQ1 sequencer #VolcaKeys #VolcaDrum & Behringer #ModelD Arturia MicroFreak & Korg KO2 recorded direct to Zoom H6 all effects from NTS-1s no post processing All audio apart from the Volca Drum & KO2 is routed through the two NTS-1s (which are supplying the reverb and delays). The right SQ1 is controlling the two NTS-1s on two separate 8 step bouncing sequences. The left SQ1 is controlling the ModelD using a mix of 16 and 8 step bouncing sequences. The master clock is sent from the Volca Drum to all devices (except MicroFreak) using a sync lead distributor. Everything is battery powered using a mix of 9V and 12V (modelD) RipCords and USB powerbanks, plus items such as MicroFreak, NTS-1, SQ1 and ZoomH6 allow direct USB 5V. Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes at Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia – Aerial cinematography in Iceland, Outback Australia, Indonesia and Blue Mtns © Gary P Hayes Photography

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