KINDNESS IN THE END: Jam Dawless #SalviHarp #SopranoSax #ModelD #SE02 #Digitakt #BlueMountains

Please note around 23:20 mins the straight on camera goes out of sync (a mistake on the edit timeline) looks weird but cuts to the left camera (still in sync) enough to not ruin it too much ! Continuous dawless jam / improvisation. Composed Filmed & Performed © Gary P Hayes on #Salvi Julia Harp Antique Soprano Sax, Roland #SE02 Korg #VolcaKick Behringer #ModelD Waldorf #Streichfett Alesis #Micron, Elektron #Digitakt Korg #KaossPro & #KP3 Delay on Behringer EM600 Arturia Keysteps Reverb on Strymon #BlueSky Recorded on #ZoomH6 in Gallery Studio, Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains Australia The Elektron Analog Four mk1 or 2 are often seen as a four voice sequencer, to do some nice basslines or high sequencer parts – a sort of filler instrument. So I did this tutorial to show how firstly each of the four tracks can be much more. We have a drum machine of 7 sounds on one, a full chord of 4 notes on another, a bass plus a choppy sequencer on another and although i use the fourth for a solo part, it could be a whole host of things … The tutorial as usual also shows production flow, how to build a piece, in real time with very little pause. OK I did a few things slower to show the process, but in reality once you get something going on the A4 you can keep going indefinitely, taking the piece across genres and soundscapes – this one did end up going into dark ambient territory from its, shiny 90s dance feel start, but for another tutorial! Enjoy and SUBSCRIBE!

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