A more down tempo, ambient live jam on my evolving OTB (outside the box) setup – leading to an impro album this year called Sequentations. This has 7 nice polyrhythmic sequences that evolve and overlap nicely. The setup was only 40 mins setting all the original sounds up, a preset on the Nave (iPad) and some Kaoss presets…finally two blippy sounds in the Machinedrum. I added some timelapse footage I took the over week to cover up the end as I ran out of footage (I record camera and sound separately) – but then added the same snippets throughout sections of the piece…took minutes and are placed randomly, so they may or may not fit

Have added a DBX compressor into the set-up which means there is no mastering on this one – what you hear is straight out of the mixer hopefully tighter dynamic range.

Analog Four sound & sequences done an hour or so before the recording with a simple machine drum pattern also. This goal of this one is to get a little more into a trancey in technical style, still a ways to go, but happy with this slightly disco throw back hybrid ūüôā

The stereo compressor is being side-chained by the bass drum & all peak instruments on this one – so all instruments are fed into mixer on a sub-channel and routed through the ducking compressor. I reduced the effect somewhat for this track as it didn’t need it…


Real time improvisation visuals for these tracks are at

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