Live BACK TO THE ANALOG SEQUENCING 70s – ModelD Neutron MicroFreak Hikari 960 VolcaBeats

Sunday Live … A change from my normal Modular rack or Elektrons, here going semi-mod and a trip back to the magical days of Jarre, T Dream, Vangelis etc: of the late 1970s. Not doing covers of course, just that vibe – a straight-in long form performance, no talking, as everything is pretty simple and self explanatory … but tech notes below: 0:00 Intro 7:13 Part One 11:19 Part Two 17:30 Part Three 22:53 Part Four 28:47 Part Five 32:00 Part Six 37:20 Part Seven 40:32 Part Eight 45:00 Part Nine 49:15 Part Ten 54:54 Part Eleven 59:45 Part Twelve 1:04:19 Part Thirteen 1:15:11 Part Fourteen 1:19:30 Part Fifteen 1:30:23 Part Sixteen 1:35:10 Part Seventeen 1:40:45 Part Eighteen 1:50:42 Part Nineteen 1:54:28 Part Twenty 1:56:37 Part Twenty One 2:03:19 Part Twenty Two Master clock is the Volca Beats which feeds the performance adjustable 2hp double clock div/mult One clock feeds the Sequential 960 controlling the ModelD The other clock feeds the Hikari controllng the Neutron The MicroFreak is clocked too (for sequences when not used in live playing mode) and has a pre-2hp clock multied from the VolcaBeats So … that means 3 separate clocks fed to the two sequencers and microfreak Audio on Doepfer 138s top right – ModelD is on ch1, Neutron on ch2, VolcaBeast on ch4 and The Behringer 110 which is acting as sub mixer of 3 sources, it’s own VCO, noise source from Neutron in via the filter in and MicroFreak via the VCA in. The whole mix is fed through the NTS1 for delay and verb then sent to Zoom H6 capturing 96KHz 24 bit, monitor from that to Zoom Q2n4k (acting as video webcam) and then to my speakers so I can monitor any overload to the stream …

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