Live Modular PATCHING FOR PERFORMANCE Tutorial Talk & Impro – Fractal & LFO Sequencing, Pams Bloom

Sunday Live … HOW TO PATCH for EVOLVING PERFORMANCE – 10 real time voices & two multi FX, how to create patches that you can take in any direction – Techo, Ambient, EDM, Cinematic, Berlin School, Orchestral, Synthwave and more I have added and changed a few key things around in my portable rack. I couldn’t resist getting Pamela’s New Workout to be my new 8 out clock/LFO tempo hub. Also sadly replaced my Hikari but happily with Qu-Bit’s amazing BLOOM, fractal sequencer as my main two channel performance tool. I will talk through all the other changes at the start of the session. Then go into basic patching using stepped LFOs and fractal sequencing, using my 10 sound sources – lots of complex and simple examples all leading to one of my epic 1 hour performances… Likely sections, why and how to evolve each … Tr1 – Bloom sequence 1 into MiniSynth Tr2 – Bloom sequence 2 into Pluck Tr3 – Rhytmic texture – Pams random wave, quantized & looped into TwinWave 1 Tr4 – Pad – Turing slow notes via TipTop QTz into TwinWave 2 Tr5/6 – Various multisamples on Disting EX, live midi from QuNexus + CV in simultaneously Tr7 – Bass – Hemispheres EnigmaJr into MiniSynth 2 via 2HP Tune Tr8 – External Instrument like MicroFreak Tr9 – Kick – BD808, triggered from Steppy D or Pams or EuclCirc on Hemispheres Tr10 – Perc – PicoDrum2 triggered from EucCirc on Hemis My latest version of this rack here –… As well as Pams and Bloom also added Pip Slope from ALM to bring my TwinWaves to life more, and moved quite a few things to make it more performative and help with flow, including moving one of the mini synths up top as a dedicated bass next to BD and percussion.

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