LIVE – Noodling #Behringer2600, #MicroFreak, #SQ1 #NTS1 – Sunday morning 8 May

Just a bit of noodling in my usual style on sync’d MicroFreak, Behringer, SQ1s and NTS1 … NTS1 is master clock to the two sq1s and freak, and the SQ1s are sending CV/gate to Osc1 and 2 respectively … although that will change. Osc1/2 also fed direct to each side of the stereo on 2600 … Freak is fed into the PreAmp on 2600 then patched to VCF input on mixer, S&H is creating a random filter mod and LFO main is PWM on Osc2. NTS1 is also providing all reverb and delay.

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