Live Stream – FRIDAY FLOW TIME – ambient improvisation. XD, Model:Cycles, Volca Drum, KO2

FRIDAY FLOW TIME – live stream, ambient improvisation. XD, Model:Cycles, Volca Drum, KO2 on Korg Minilogue XD, Elektron Model:Cycles & Volca Drum + KO2 Beginning in a void, the piece develops into an urban dystopia and then industrial breakdown. Ends with a short melodic release. Approx 1 hour The Model:Cycles has 6 tracks (midi 1-6) using ‘chance’ once recorded roughly in order, Crash, Low Drum, Bells, Bass, Solo, Chordal … The polyphonic XD on Midi 7, is in Aftertouch mode and features the two analog oscillators and on the digital multi, the ‘drone’ osc by Tim Shoebridge … The Volca Drum has 6 channels of FX sounds, run through an NTS-1 for effects and KO2 here used for solos …

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