LIVE – Tutorial AMBIENT MODULAR FOR BEGINNERS Exploration, Talk & Performance & #FXAidXL #DistingEX

A talk about creating Modular ambience as my process on my rack (vs the zillions of other eurorack modules out there!). The basic principles vs specific gear but can be applied to any types of modular. A Ukraine reference in the chat, that Happy Nerding who make FX Aid XL are based in Ukraine and someone brought it up in the live stream discussion. Obviously buying their gear is one way to support them eventually one would hope (I bought two recently) but consider sending support to your choice of the 17 aid agencies mentioned here… 1 Drones – different types, single low oscillators, granular drones, noise and modulation 2 Semi Generative Melody – From random CV and probability gates to dedicated Turing Machines 3 Effects – Using two FX Aid XLs to create big reverb and delay scapes on master 4 Sounds – Types of sounds for melodic or background, samples, analog oscillators, wavetables etc 5 Rhythmic Elements – Using simple modules and probability gates to create non instrusive beats. Also polyrhythmic vs polymeter to create flow and dream scapes. Euclydian vs Probability Putting it together Fixed Sequencing vs semi random – a look at arpeggiators vs hands on sequencing as alternative to the Turing machine or fully random style Quantize? – There is something to be said for non quantized melodic elements for more, abstract ambient. Scale, vs Chromatic vs None Live Playing – Although the tendency is to create a hands off always evolving patch, adding the human element helps! My latest version of this rack here –… 2 x FX Aid XL O&C, Disting EX+ , Granular , Generative , Mod Reverb, Mod Crush Delay, Drones, Semi Generative Sequences, Dreamy Analog, Probability Gates and Pitch – lots to play with on a Sunday morning … the big reverbs of my new FX Aid and Delays/Crush with the BlackHole help tremendously doing ambient, especially modulated (mod) … a talk explore followed by a performance.

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