At the beginning of the piece I am just showing whats on each of the A4 tracks, the Magellan pad, the rhythmic elements of the machine drum and the Kaoss (NOTE: this is not the piece ūüôā – Another analog synth noodle. This time a more relaxed exposition in Dm with two different development sections. Was actually trying a few challenges here, one was to get an Analog 4 sequence sounding like an Australian Kookaburra (see if you can spot it throughout the piece!), as well as all eight Analog 4 tracks working together. A supporting mix of rhythm sounds from the MachineDrum, a single ‘big pad’ on the Magellan and some trumpet and flute sounding Kaoss Pro pad rounds it off.

I keep wanting to switch to more progressive trance style with this setup but as soon as I get some sequences going to moves towards something much more traditional and melodic – next one!

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