MIXED EMOTIONS Ambient Outdoor Hydrasynth Drone Carne Creek Gardens of Stone. XKey37 Poly Aftertouch

Dawless jam / improvisation on ASM #Hydrasynth – An original patch created on-site and using CME #XKey37 PolyAftertouch Keyboard The patch here was created when I arrived at the site, took about 20 minutes and did record that but I think detracts from the beauty of the area in this video, might do a separate controlled version of that at home, as the screen was not very visible in the bright sunlight! 3 Osc patch. 3 is the string pad basic always on sound, Poly AfterTouch controls the Osc1 8 step mellow quaver LFO step sequence and the Expression Pedal (normally foot but had little room!) controls Osc2 8 step harder semi-quaver LFO step sequence. I vary basic settings throughout the piece. Filmed on Zoom #Q2N4k (& sound) & GoPro5 & Mavic Air 2 (after performance) Composed Performed & Filmed ¬© Gary P Hayes – at Carne Creek area, part of the the unprotected Gardens of Stone Blue Mountains Australia (note this area suffered the 2019 fires this is 8 months later) – the walk into this area with this minimal gear (although the Hydrasynth can get heavy after a 10km hike!) was on an existing low level trail for about 2km and burnt fallen trees had to be crossed. Tech: Power – The Hydrasynth and XKey37 are powered by the same Romoss 30+ (a 27A 18W powerbank) which easily supplies the Hydrasynth with the 1A it needs for up to 9 hours … the keyboard uses hardly any Amps. I use the MyVolts 12V center positive RipCord (5V to 12V) to the Hydra and a normal USB to the keyboard. Audio – This is a simple setup of stereo out of Hydra to my Zoom Q2N4K, at 24bit 48kHz, no other processing Video – The Zoom Q2N4K captures the higher angle, a GoPro5 the lower keyboard angle and my Mavic Air 2 is flown after the sync recording, hence you can see me holding the controller of course, duh ūüôā

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