MODULAR AMBIENT ‘Subliminal Moments’ Improvisation feat: Intellijel steppy 2hpPluck KlavisTwinWaves

Modular Journeys: Newer Horizons Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes – Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains, Australia recorded on #ZoomQ2n4k THE BASIC SETUP FOR THIS PIECE The two A118 randoms are being gated by tracks A and B of the Steppy and CV sent to the Klavis 2. Track 3 of steppy is triggering the b182 sequencer which feeds part A to the 2hp Pluck and part B to the first A111 mini synth (but gated separately from the Synthrotek clocks). The 2hp Turing machine feeds the osc on the b110 which also has some white noise fed in and is being modulated by the 2hp LFO. The 1st osc of the Klavis is also fed to the Dirt filter on a separate mixer channel and finally the QuNexus is playing the 2nd A111 mini synth using gate/cv. The various mults I have now are distributing a bunch of the the steppy clocks around – the main FX is coming from the NTS1 delay and reverb.

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