MODULAR BERLIN RATCHET Retro Music Jam. Tutorial demo. low end modular & MicroFreak Behringer 960

A BERLIN SCHOOL STYLE TECH MODULAR PERFORMANCE followed at 35 minutes by a spoken walk-through, demo of the modular setup for this piece, how parts were created and a little on the style of later Berlin School as a genre. MODULES: Quantisers: TipTop Audio & Doepfer A156 Sequencers: Sequential 960 + switch and 182 other: Doepfer A118 randomiser, 305 mixer, 172 phase/delay, Synthotek M/DIV Dual Clock mult/div, two CP1A power SOUNDS: #Neutron #ModelD #MicroFreak #NTS1 #VolcaDrum Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes in Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains, Australia Film & Sound captured on Zoom #Q2N4k, plus GoPro 5

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