Modular Eurorack 2 hour EPIC ‘Detachment on Proxima B’ Remaster #Neutron #ModelD #Hikari #MicroFreak

“Proxima Centauri b is an exoplanet orbiting in the habitable zone of the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri, which is the closest star to the Sun and part of the triple star system Alpha Centauri. It is approximately 4.2 light years from Earth in the constellation Centaurus, making it, Proxima c, and Proxima d the closest known exoplanets to the Solar System. Proxima Centauri b orbits its star at a distance of roughly 4.6 million miles with an orbital period of approximately 11.2 Earth days. Its other properties are only poorly understood, but it is believed to be a possibly Earth-like planet The planet’s proximity to Earth offers an opportunity for robotic space exploration …” DETACHMENT … Live remastered two hour improvised music by and © Gary P Hayes – using his Behringer sequencer rack. Raw aerial filming © Gary Hayes in Mungo NP Australia with permission from NPWS 0:00 Intro 6:33 First Scan 10:39 Loop 26 16:50 Alpha 22:13 Centaurus 28:07 Cloud Five 31:20 E.X.O 36:40 Hydrogenial 39:52 Inhost 44:20 Flux Landing 48:35 Dwarf Star 9 54:14 Wateradiate 59:15 Fields of Starlight 1:03:39 Luminosity Overload 1:14:31 Time Link 1:18:50 Centauri 1:29:43 Orbit Loop Fall 1:34:30 Chronosphere 1:40:15 Die Nitrogen 1:50:12 Purple Dwarf 1:53:48 Proximal 1:55:57 Excentric 2:02:39 Zero Probability Master clock is the Volca Beats which feeds the performance adjustable 2hp double clock div/mult One clock feeds the Sequential 960 controlling the ModelD The other clock feeds the Hikari controllng the Neutron The MicroFreak is clocked too (for sequences when not used in live playing mode) and has a pre-2hp clock multied from the VolcaBeats So … that means 3 separate clocks fed to the two sequencers and microfreak Audio on Doepfer 138s top right – ModelD is on ch1, Neutron on ch2, VolcaBeast on ch4 and The Behringer 110 which is acting as sub mixer of 3 sources, it’s own VCO, noise source from Neutron in via the filter in and MicroFreak via the VCA in.

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