#Modular in Nature LOST CITY FOUND #eurorack melodic impro The Lost City, Gardens of Stone Australia

LOST CITY FOUND (performed and filmed 16 Feb 2022) An ambient modular improvisation. Performed live at The Lost City, Newnes Plateau, Blue Mtns, Australia – Gardens of Stone Music & Video © Gary P Hayes www.garyphayes.photography Patch & rack notes also at the end of video and below PRODUCTION NOTES Seven channels of ‘sound’ Mixed live on 2 Doeper A138s stereo mixers Fed into Happy Nerding FX Aid XL effects, reverb Recorded on both Zoom H6 (in shot) and Zoom Q2n4K (also main camera) Drone footage captured after the performance on Dji Air2s by Gary Edited and minor audio mastering on FCPx on MacMini M1 PATCH NOTES – channels 1 Doepfer mini synth is low bass receiving a random note from Deopfer tuned to limited Cm scale on TipTop Quantiser 2 Mini synth 2 is playing note CVs from 2HP Turing Machine gated by a slow Steppy track, also the QuNexus live playing TwinWaves 1 is fed into this mini synths EXT input and I live balance the notes using the CV balance knob. 3/4 This is the Disting Ex playing a soft piano multisample – two channels CV notes coming from Enigma Jr on the O&C, which is also doing dual quantising. The higher piano is triggered by a faster steppy gate than the slower left hand piano 5 The 2HP Pluck is fed the same CV as ch2 above, but is triggered from another slower Steppy 6 The 2nd Osc from TwinWaves, super saw sound, is playing same CV note as bass ch1, it is also modulated and filtered through WASP 8 A BD808 bass drum is randomly triggered by one of the slow Steppy gates

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