MODULAR IN THE MIST #Eurorack CINEMATIC AMBIENT Impro Blue Mountains Cliff Edge #FXAidXL #DistingEX

MODULAR IN THE MIST Filmed on an escarpment in Mount Victoria, during the daily mists we get here Shot on a mix of Zoom Q2n4k, Dji Pocket 2 gimbal cam and Air2 drone. Edited in Final Cut Pro X All above © Gary P Hayes No spiders were harmed in the making of this video. 13:33 0:00 Intro 5:24 Part One 9:15 Part Two 12:40 Part Three 15:13 Part Four 18:55 Part Five 21:21 Part Six 23:10 Finale PATCH NOTES 8 channels of 2 Doepfer A138s Ch1 – Doepfer mini synth left, note cv from 2HP arp, variable gate from steppy trC, Ch2 – 2HP Pluck note cv from Hikari and variable gate from steppy trA Ch3 – Klavis osc1 note cv from 2HP arp, variable gate from steppy trC Ch5/6 – DistingEX epiano multisample, note cv from Enigma jr on O&C via TipTop quantizer, slow gate to o&c and disting from steppy trD Ch7 – Doepfer mini synth right, low bass with note cv as disting above. Ch8 – sub bass from Klavis with cv/gate as ch1 and 3 above Intellijel Mixup Ch1 – BD808 gated by Synthrotek clock 4, variable FX – A138s 1 (ch1-4) goes through both FXAidXLs above, and second A138s (ch5-8) goes through right FXAidXL (Black Hole reverb) only – the first FXAid is set to Dual Delay. Various LFO modulation across most sounds. RACK The latest rack here (minus Mosaic quantizer, being repaired)…

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