MODULAR LIVE ‘Dreamtime Modular Landscape’ neutron, modelD, TipTopQZ, seq960, volca keys/modular

Something more peaceful and ambient this morning, something to relax to, melodic impro’d Berlin Ambience with a touch of Fripp and Eno. Goal – Even though I now have the Sequential 960 I will be using that and the 182 to do layering slow sequences, mixed with random pitch quantised cv notes from the Doepfer 118. The ModelD and both oscillators of the Neutron running sequences mainly, will be complimented by dreamy chords on the Volca Keys and slow sequence on the Volca Modular. The TipTopQZ and A156 (note quantizers) will allow me to control the ‘melodic flow’ and as usual the NTS1 providing a rich reverb bed and delay. Qunexus for live cv melody linked surprisingly by CV via an attenuator on the Neutron to the Volca Modular …

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