MODULAR LIVE ‘Four is Never Enough’ Sunday AM Live Modular Eurorack Patching – 4 July AEDT 9.30am

This morning a talkthrough and q/a followed by a performance of the created patch … Intellijel steppy focus today creating alongside my 4 variable pulse clocks, another 4 possible gap based polymeter fixed or probability gates. Combining these endless variations of gates alongside note CVs from fixed 182 two sequences, turing machine or two random doepfers and live keyboard of course. Might add an acoustic guitar or clarinet … also with the new Erica pico drum2 offers some gritty rhythmic sounds or solid drums. Another final addition is control over the melodic foundations using live switching of scales on the TipTop advanced quantizer. Oh and yes alongside my Dirt filter I now have the doepfer Wasp which has a lovely rawness. The NTS1 is acting as master clock and also a sequenced arp in places AND master reverb and delay – a nice bit of kit! Any thing else just ask! RACK – Black Synthrotek Water Proof 7U 84HP Portable Eurorack Case

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