MODULAR LIVE ‘Intersteller’ Saturday Late 12 June 10.30pm AEST – Eurorack, Ambient, Paris, Berlin

BTW not the movie soundtrack (although it has moments similar) just my name for – Cinematic Cosmos Melodic Eurorack Jam – LIVE FROM BLUE MTNS AUSTRALIA Haven’t tried a late night jam before, but have to stay up late as doing some astrophotography! So here we go. Have some basic structure and ideas but it will no doubt go off into new territory after – I have reconfigured the rack for better workflow and happy to answer questions in places! Waiting on a nice pelican style portable case as wasn’t totally comfortable with the last out in nature trek with a fragile case! THE SETUP The sound sources are 3 analog self contained modules, and two digital (Klavis lot of waveforms and Pluck, just the one!). To sequence them I may use a mix of fixed note 2 channel sequencer through to a couple of random CV generators and a fun 2hp Turing Machine – oh and of course my hands on the QuNexus CV keyboard! Three sequences are fed through the 3 pitch quantizers and the keyboard is already quantized and the Klavis also has inbuilt quantizing too. The random CV modules also generate white and coloured noise and there are 2 mult/div clocks up to 10x which with the thru output gives me 5 independent but sync’d clocks if required (and yes polyrhymic and polymeter all possible). Finally the NTS1 is acting as master clock and also a sequenced arp in places AND master reverb and delay – a nice bit of kit! Any thing else just ask!

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