MODULAR LIVE ‘May the 4th Be With You’ Journey into Modular Ambience

Experimenting with new modules … Almost ready to take this into the wilds, just tweaking some positions of modules, the workflow and waiting on two (that believe it or not arrived later in this piece – you may see me get up to take the post!). I am also close to having the lid to this made too and a strap so I can hike with it and a small battery pack. I built this on quite a budget and avoided the usual make noise style modules, that to me seem to be doing most of the musicality, so this is very analog and utility driven. THE PATCH The sound sources are 3 analog self contained modules, and two digital (Klavis lot of waveforms and Pluck, just the one!). To sequence them I use a big mix of fixed note 2 channel sequencer through to a couple of random CV generators and a fun 2hp Turing Machine – oh and of course my hands on the QuNexus CV keyboard! Three sequences are fed through the 3 pitch quantizers and the keyboard is already quantized and the Klavis also has inbuilt quantizing too. The random CV modules also generate white and coloured noise and there are 2 mult/div clocks up to 10x which with the thru output gives me 5 independent but sync’d clocks if required (and yes polyrhymic and polymeter all possible). Finally the NTS1 is acting as master clock and also a sequenced arp in places AND master reverb and delay – a nice bit of kit! Any thing else just ask! RACK two rows of 78HP TOP LEFT TO RIGHT Power CP1A – 4 HP Doeper A138s Mixer Mini Stereo – 8HP Behringer 110 VCO/VCF/VCA – 16HP Klavis Twin Waves mk1 – 8HP Doepfer A-111-6 Mini Synth – 10HP 2HP LFO – 2HP Doepfer A-111-6 Mini Synth – 10HP 2HP Pluck – 2HP Doepfer A-118-2 Random CV / Noise – 4HP hole here for some more multi … 4HP 2HP Turing machine – 2HP Horstronic Buffered Multi – 4HP Synthrotek M/DIV – Dual Clock Multiplier / Divider – 4HP BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT NTS1 – about 18HP Power CP1A – 4 HP hole here for a Dual Envelope module (on the way) – 16HP Behringer 182 Sequencer – 16HP Doepfer A-156 Quantiser – 8HP TipTop Audio Quantizer – 10HP Doepfer A-118-2V Random CV / Noise – 4HP Synthrotek M/DIV – Dual Clock Multiplier / Divider – 4HP on the left side out of sight – a 6 channel stereo or mono mixer and above that a 4 channel stereo mixer

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