#Modular on Location 4K. PATINA OF TIME Sunset Rock #Australia #Bloom #Surface #DistingEX #Eurorack

Modular improvisation on Sunset Rock, Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains, Australia.

Video captured on a Zoom Q2n4k (and sound), GoPro5 and Dji Air2s. Edited in Final Cut Pro X.

No post processing, the two modulated FXAidXLs are providing a mix of tempo locked delay and swelling reverbs.

MODULES, latest portable case here – https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/1674371

PATCH NOTES below (fyi – waiting on my uBurst /clouds clone, hence the gap top right)

Ch1 – mini synth a high random Cm seq from 2HP Arp gated by melted Steppy C, also white noise used sometimes in ext in to create snare style rhythm sounds

Ch2 – pluck receiving single note from melted TipTop QTZ and gated from a slow probability Steppy D

Ch3/4 – Surface in stereo random, note CV from mult 5/8 Bloom ch1 (lots of branches in places), gated from mult Steppy C – manual changing models throughout

Ch5/6 – DistingEX playing a string and vocal stereo texture granulator patch, I move start point at various times

Ch 7 – a fast Klavis Osc1 with CV from Bloom ch2 and gate from Bloom also but via PipSlope ADSR – also filtered via A121 multimode doepfer (modulated by inverse 2HP LFO

Ch8 – Klavis 2, saw wave (fed through 2HP MMF) smooth run which duplicates ch3/4 going to Surface, the Bloom 5/8 line with branch and trunk variations

Ch9 – bd808 kick gated from steppy A

Ch10 – PicoDrum 2 gated from Steppy B FXAidXL 1 – clocked delay from Pams FXAidXL 2 – Black Hole style reverb with modulated decay, causing the reverb waving in and out effect Pams send clocks to Bloom, O&C, Steppy and FX

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