Modular Scene #8 ‘RECYCLE OF LIFE’

After my live on Sunday I was inspired by the patch to do a recorded more controlled and better sounding piece – so here it is 32 minutes of lovely modular with rolling DistingEX piano, multiple other eurorack parts and synthy solo tones for your pleasure … the live talk through patch being made here…

Modular Scene #8 ‘The Recycle of Life’ Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes in Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains, Australia Single shot on 4K Zoom Q2n4k, the right screen a pan/scan of left screen zoomed in 2x on FCPx

Rack top left to bot right – Behringer CP1-A, Synthrotek M/DIV Clock, 2HP Tune, A-118-2 Random CV, Hikari Analog Sequencer II, 2HP Turing machine, TipTop Quantizer, 2HP LFO, Horstronic Mult, Ornament & Crime Slim, Erica Pico Drum 2, TipTop BD808, Korg NTS1, Intellijel 1U Steppy, Mosaic Quantizer, 2HP Arp, Doepfer A-111-6 Synth, 4MS mult, 2HP Pluck, Klavis Twin Waves, A-124 VCF5 Wasp filter, A145-4 LFO, Disting EX plus alpha, A-138s Mixer

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