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Ambient Modular Improvisation and Explorations – patch created at the site from scratch on ancient weathered rocks on the northern rim of the Grose Valley, Blue Mountains, Australia “Poesy must not be drawn by the ears: it must be gently led, or rather, it must lead, which was partly the cause that made the ancient learned affirm it was a divine, and no human skill, since all other knowledges lie ready for any that have strength of wit; a poet no industry can make, if his own genius be not carried into it.” Philip Sidney Using QuBit Suface just added as a main sequence and both mini synths as supporting modules, the Disting is running a granular patch … Latest modular rack here – https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/1674371 PATCH NOTES … based on A138s channels Ch1 – mini synth A high seq, random note CV from A118 via TIpTop QTZ in Cm, gate for both from Steppy B. PWM and VCF modulated by two separate sine LFOs Ch2 – pluck infinite sustain note CV from Bloom ch2, gated from Steppy C Ch3/4 – Surface in stereo random, note CV from Bloom ch1, probability gate from Steppy A. Has ‘strike’ modulated by sine LFO Ch5/6 – DistingEX playing a granular sample, moving manually to different parts Ch7 – none Ch8 – mini synth B bass, note CV from Bloom ch2. VCF modulated by sine LFO Ch9 – none Ch10 – bd808 kick gated from steppy D FXAidXL 1 – clocked delay from Pams with feedback modulation from 2hp LFO FXAidXL 2 – Choral reverb with voice selection modulation from 2hp LFO reverse Pams send clocks to Bloom, O&C, Steppy and FX

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