MODULAR VOLCA HYDRASYNTH ‘A Terrestrial Revolution’ feat: 2HP Pluck QuNexus Volca Drum Doepfer

A poly aftertouch midnight jam on Modular #Eurorack with #VolcaDrum and #Hydrasynth #QuNexus feat: 2HP #Pluck Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes in Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia Tech overview: The QuNexus is in poly aftertouch mode and controlling just the Hydrasynth. The 182 sequencer is send pitch via the TipTop quantizer to the 2hp Pluck A 2HP LFO is sending two different modulations to the plucks damping and decay All the 6 tracks of drums on the Volca Drum are custom sounds The TipTopQZ is in Gminor There is a section where I repatch the pitch CV from the 182 so that it is added to a random CV from the Doepfer A118 and also a sine wave from an LFO – this produces changes to the basic 182 sequence I use about 6 patches on the HydraSynth, all either programmed from scratch of heavily changed presets The whole mix is passing through in stereo to a Strymon BlueSky THe master clock is actually coming from the Hydrasynth and sent to a clock multiplier for tempo changes and gate changes for the modular gear.

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