Calm After the Storm 2011

“As yet, all was silence and portentous gloom. Nature seemed to pause and hold her breath in dread anticipation. Then came a muffled, jarring sound, as of far distant artillery, which died away into an oppressive stillness. Suddenly from zenith to horizon the cloud was cut by a fiery stroke, an instant visible.” T.S.Arthur – After the Storm



All music composed & performed by Gary P Hayes © 2011 except 14 Vocal & lyrics Imogen Heap and 12 Composed by Donald Philips © 1962 Vocals on tracks 1 and 3 from ZeroG Commercial Generic Sample Library

Gary plays: Soprano Sax, Akai Ewi 4000s, Music Tech (Logic, Spectrasonics Omnisphere & RMX, Gladiator, Akai Miniak, Kaoss’s, 27” iMac i7)

Photos & cover design by Gary Hayes


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