Gary’s music is a rare hybrid of melodic progressive trance, celtic & world music and cinematic orchestral electronica. His versatility lies in his being able to exhibit the sensitivity in combining music of different cultures required for a wide range of film, world and electronica genre.

More below but hear his music:

  • Over 300 tracks on iTunes
  • Several albums and orphan tracks on SoundCloud
  • 16 major artist remixes on Indaba
  • On this site (several albums on the ‘Music’ menu drop down)

Gary Hayes - Posing in Manchester Home Studio 80sGary became interested in music at an early age and was playing guitar and clarinet by the age of 9. He was already composing piano pieces by the age 11 and was playing & writing in several signed bands through to early twenties. He gained a BA in music & physics at Manchester University. After University Gary founded Audio Images his own music and multimedia production company as one of the first in the UK to use computers and sample equipment and began creating commercial music for TV, Radio and Advertising. He also co-produced and worked with renowned Manchester bands during this period. He composed many library albums and had works regularly played on BBC TV and National Radio, scores for documentaries and drama, including stage work.

Gary also began teaching Music and Multimedia Production at Central Manchester College for two years before moving to the London based Guildhall School and finally lecturing at the famous BRIT School for four years working with artists. At the BRIT school he mentored emerging young artists in the studio such as Imogen Heap & Lynden David Hall and developed new forms of interactive on and offline performance pieces. Gary also organised, performed and composed for contemporary music festivals in London such as the Contemporary Composers Festival in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Music.

New Development Studio Layout with view

He then went to work at the BBC for eight years as a key new media Senior Development Producer but continued scoring, sound scaping and writing music for film, TV and interactive including several at the BBC (Human Body & The Troubles Interactive, Bach, Musical Nomad etc:). He has a continued interest in the participatory potential for music creation in a web 2.0 world and as well as specialising in progressive trance and film now he lectures (amongst other emerging media areas) in music & soundscaping for games, generative composition and future music tech.

Gary composes:

Instruments Gary plays:

  • Celtic and orchestral harp
  • Clarinet (major university instrument)
  • Classical and electric guitars (secondary university instrument)
  • Piano and keyboards
  • Saxophone – soprano primarily
  • Bass guitar (5 string)
  • Akai Ewi – electronic wind instrument
  • OTB Music Tech – based on Elektron Analog 4 & Machine Drum, supplemented by Korg Kaossilators and iPad synths
  • ITB (Inside-the-Box, Computer DAW music). Logic Pro DAW with Reason, Live, Omnisphere, Gladiator and more

Spanish Guitar

Garys Instruments of Music on Fuji X100s 8131

Soprano Sax

Garys Instruments of Music on Fuji X100s 8175

Gary Hayes - Soprano Sax in Kazakstan

Salvi Lever Concert Harp

Garys Instruments of Music on Fuji X100s 8264

Gary Hayes - My Middle Harp 97

LeBlanc Clarinet

Garys Instruments of Music on Fuji X100s 8234

Five String Bass

Garys Instruments of Music on Fuji X100s 8172

World Instruments eg: Turkish Saz & Digeridoo

Garys Instruments of Music on Fuji X100s 8199

Gary Hayes - Playing Komuz in Krygzstan

Garys Instruments of Music on Fuji X100s 8286

Akai EWI 4000s Electronic Wind Instrument

Garys Instruments of Music on Fuji X100s 8220

Electric Guitar

Garys Instruments of Music on Fuji X100s 8140

Gary Hayes - First Home Studio 80s


  1. Hi
    Ho w can i get a copy of your Herodotus talk? I tried through you tube and was not able to….Also do you sell your albums.. I love to get some. I am an artist and your music is super inspiring to me

    Thank you


  2. Hi Gary, I used to be a student of yours at Bishops
    Green College early 1990’s.
    You helped me with a big band Jazz peice of mine.
    Great to see your doing so well. Al av to check out your
    YouTube stuff. Good luck pall.

  3. Hi “Guz”
    Blast from the very past
    Came across you on the mighty web.
    Good to see you doing well.
    Great music . So much where should I start. I still do a bit myself mainly has a hobby. See

    I don’t know if you know . . Faz sadly died
    See track 16, I think, on my sound cloud.. ‘great gig’



  4. Hey Froth – nice to hear from you. Checked out your soundcloud, nice stuff. Yes heard about Faz a couple of years ago? Sad.
    Couldn’t find Track 16… I still have some old cassettes of our school jams, must convert them one day!
    As well as pro photography and multimedia still, I like to do long form impros such as a recent one – All the best, give me a shout if you are in Australia!

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