NEW SPICE – a live #ambient #chill impro on #HydraSynth #VolcaModular #VolcaKeys #NTS-1 x3 #SQ1 x 2

Spicy Hydra Hour – going to use my Hydrasynth Desktop integrated with my Spice rack (Volca Modular, 3 NTS1s, 2 SQ1s and Volca Keys providing rich beds) … will no doubt have some spacey ambient sections and lots of sequential parts and using my XKey37 some nice poly Aftertouch expression. Streamed via Zoom Q2N 4K , audio and video via OBS into YouTube Live bit of setup stuff : Hydrasynth desktop played with Poly Aftertouch XKey37, also sends main clock to Volca Keys and from there the sync gets distributed to everything else from a stereo 1to5 … The NTS1s act as audio in for the 3 external boxes, and of course NTS1s also are their own mono synths too (so the setup is two poly synths, 1 simple modular mono and 3 mono synths) – the SQ1s are routed to Hydra and each of the 3 NTS1s (so 4 separate sequences, I tend to use the 8 step bounce on 4 midi channels). The Q2N4K acts usually as 4K video capture and 48k24bit audio capture, but in this streaming mode it sends both straight into OBS and then into YouTube live…

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