Ocean Landing

On-going tweaking and practise with a setup to do an album this year called Sequentations. The analog fours are being used at 2% of their potential and not what they are built for :), a lot more to come from them and darker more edgy tracks, for now some light Major chord relief ūüôā

Real time improvisation visuals for these tracks are at http://www.youtube.com/user/hayesg01/videos

Tech details: The Analog four (left) is driving the 2nd A4, KaossPro and iPad drums (with compensation so it is tight). The micron audio is fed through the Left A4, the Kaoss audio is fed through the right A4 so they both use the lovely verb and delay. The iPad app is FunkBox which was the only one that allowed me to get the drums almost CV locked. Both A4s are using riffs and sequences I preset with lots of lfo activity so I don’t need to manually change for this simple type piece.

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